Groups of Students on Field Trip

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Virginia Beach History Museums’ educational programs are led by trained educators and are strongly aligned with the most up-to-date Virginia Standards of Learning . Our programs provide meaningful STEAM experiences through the lens of History & Social Science. Students will engage in 60–90-minute programs that promote a sense of curiosity through unique, hands-on programming that brings history to life. At only $7 per student, our educational programs provide excellent value.

Please plan to make reservations for school programs at least a month in advance. Call (757) 385-5100, or email , to make reservations. All field trips are currently only offered at the Thoroughgood House. Read below for program availability by season.

Year-Round Field Trips

What would it be like stepping into an entirely different world? Students will use their imaginations and observation skills to step into the past! Students will explore the ways in which the past is similar and different to today. By the time our visitors make it back to the 21st century, they'll find the lives of children over 200 years ago are surprisingly similar to their own!

Architects spend their careers building, demolishing and rebuilding again. So, how did they do it before there were bulldozers and forklifts? Students will step into the shoes of an architect and explore how historic houses were made to stand the test of time! Students will explore building techniques and collaborate to test the strength of brick bond builds. Students will leave the program with their own historic house blueprint!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in colonial Virginia? Students learn about the various lived experiences on our historic sites. Students will explore colonial clothing, farming, and trades through a guided exploration of a historic home. Students will also leave with their very own wildflower seed ball!

Summer/Fall Field Trips

Attention future archaeologists! Come visit the Virginia Beach History Museums and dig up some history! Students will uncover how the intersection between the field of archaeology and history combine to tell a story. Students will explore the story of how historic sites through hands-on mock excavations and lab analysis. Students will leave the program with their very own artifact booklets!