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History-to-Go Traveling Trunks

The Virginia Beach History Museums are excited to offer teacher resources in the form of our History-to-Go Traveling Trunks! Trunks come complete with reproduction artifacts, lesson plans, and activities your students will enjoy. Resources are aligned with the most up-to-date Virginia Standards of Learning  in support of Virginia's 5 C's . Schedule a time to pick up a traveling trunk from the Lynnhaven House , today!

History-to-Go Traveling Trunks are $40 per trunk for a two-week rental. Please call (757) 385-5100, or email vbhistory@vbgov.com , to make reservations.

Traveling Trunks

Use this traveling trunk to guide your students to make connections between the past and the present by analyzing artifacts, gathering evidence through hands-on lessons, and participating in class discussions. Discover how colonial life was different from life today, learn how resources shaped daily life, and explore the difficulties of life in colonial Virginia.

From Slavery to Abolition (1793-1860) is a traveling trunk geared toward middle and high school students. This trunk engages students with primary source documents and reproduction artifacts. Students will explore artifacts related to the daily lives of enslaved people and discuss which events of the 19th century most impacted their lives. Through the analysis of primary sources, students will come face to face with the struggles of slaves and the issues plaguing a divided nation.